Steve 4'6" Double Bed Frame

Contemporary living

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Steve 4'6" Double Bed Frame

Silver Spoon

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Contemporary living

Steve 4'6" Double Bed Frame

Looking for a new bed, check out our bold Steve bed frame. This stylishly neat made to order piece is perfect for those looking for a clean-cut and tidy design. Featuring an elegantly upholstered bed frame with a stylishly loose cover. This item is ideal for those who are wanting a contemporary living aesthetic. Available in array of stylish fabrics for you to choose from, the Steve is custom made in the UK exclusively for you.

Wanting to complete your look? Why not complement the Steve bed frame with our equally charming contemporary rugs; guaranteed to be a showstopper.


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A beautiful hue that matches your wall paint, the colour palette of the house or simply makes you feel good as soon as you step into the room. Choose the perfect upholstery from over a hundred fabrics to create a unique design that makes your home flourish.

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Handmade in the heart of Britain

Designed with comfort in mind, then beautifully hand-crafted in the UK by skilled artisans using traditional methods. Our Made to Order designs are built to last and ooze an undeniable quality feel, loading the room with timeless appeal season after season.

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