Colour Therapy – Grey

What does ‘grey’ say to you? Disappointing weather? Bondage bestseller? Whatever your association, there’s no denying that as a colour it reigns supreme on the walls of most modern homes. According to Kate Watson-Smyth, interiors’ journalist and author of new book ‘Shades of Grey’, its ubiquity is all down to the introduction of halogen, LED and fluorescent lighting in the 90’s. While these new light sources made the decorator’s default magnolia look ghastly, they also made grey gorgeous.

Grey is naturally remedial. A low maintenance shade that doesn’t demand attention, it can have an incredibly calming influence on your space – whether you decide to go dark or keep it light. So how do you make grey really shine in your home? Here’s our top tips:

Go large

With its demure personality, grey is a great choice for large surfaces. You can use it to create space or just as a calm backdrop to anchor your interior style. For a paint that feels fresh during the day but is warm enough for a cosy autumnal evening, we love Shallows from Little Greene (from £19.25 for 1L).

Layer it up

Whether you choose a light or a dark tone for your walls, don’t get a ‘grey block’ and just stop there. Layering different hues of grey, will add depth and pull your scheme together in an instant.
Check out our sofa and chair collection in a tonal palette of grey fabrics here.

Grey and white dining room interior with wood dining table, grey Toulouse chairs by Perch and Parrow
Toulouse chairs in grey by Perch & Parrow

Just add personality

Grey is a brilliant blank canvas – just don’t leave it blank! A few, well-chosen accessorises will bring it to life. Try our quilted Barnaby cushions in teal or mustard for a quick colour pop. Alternatively introduce a hot-right-now metallic edge with our Carlos gold plate.

Top tips:

  • See the light – colours change drastically under different light conditions. Test your paint to see what it looks like in sunlight, on a dull day and in the evening.
  • Know your shades – there are so many variations of grey – from yellow-greys to purple-greys that they can clash. Be careful when layering shades together.
  • Be confident – as we said before, grey is unassuming and doesn’t demand too much attention so don’t be afraid to use it on large surfaces.
    Paul 3 seater sofa in Cotswold Slate by Perch & Parrow - from £1170
    Paul 3 seater sofa in Cotswold Slate by Perch & Parrow
    Isabella ottoman with lid and Charlotte throw by Perch & Parrow
    Isabella ottoman with lid and Charlotte throw by Perch & Parrow

    Image credit: Top – source: Pierre Mesguich