Finn: The Ultimate Scandi Style Range

Scandi style has swiftly grown from a cult design trend to a key staple in everyday interiors, with many people likely not even realising they have introduced the style into their home.
The fundamentals of Scandinavian design are functionality, minimalism, and craftsmanship, with many of these designs also featuring natural materials, especially pale and smooth woods.
The Finn range is a perfect example of this. It’s a collection of furniture that embraces the simplicity, elegance, and contemporary aesthetic of Scandi design. It offers items for living, dining, and bedroom spaces, allowing you to incorporate the Scandi style into any room or interior.


Inspiration from the Designer
The clean lines and light hues of natural oak wood that were chosen, make it a versatile choice that can complement various colour palettes and decor styles.
The range takes this a step further by incorporating an inlay chevron design, adding visual appeal to the furniture pieces. This distinctive chevron inlay pattern creates a warm and enticing depth to your home, whilst embodying a timeless charm. Chevron designs also give the appearance of a bigger room.


A Natural Choice
In the manufacturing process, these chevron patterns require meticulous craftsmanship from skilled artisans who carefully align the wood to create the subtle effect.
To emphasise the innate beauty, the natural quirks have purposely been kept in this range to give a real authentic feel to your home. The Finn range showcases a cool and sleek appearance, achieved through the use of European oak and rustic oak structured veneers. These materials highlight the natural beauty of the oak grain and knots. The furniture pieces are finished with a specialist mat lacquer that preserves the timber’s natural and dry look while also providing a tactile feel.

A Stand Out Range
While Scandi style has become a popular design trend, the Finn range offers a unique twist. It stands out from typical flat pack, swift solution furniture by being properly manufactured and built with longevity in mind.
Additionally, the Finn range has been recognized for its design excellence and has received a design award from its supplier. This award further validates the range’s aesthetic appeal and quality craftsmanship.

Styling the Finn Range
To elevate your interior, we have three top tips to style the Finn range.

1. Embracing nature
finn-round-diningEnhance the element of nature within your home even more by introducing faux plants to emphasise the natural features of the wood and create a calming ambience.

2. Declutter

finn-sideboardSimplicity is key to getting that Scandi style that’s trending. Scandinavian design places emphasis on functionality that doesn’t compromise style. This is why our Finn Sideboard is perfect for decluttering in the most stylish way possible.

3. Experiment with patterns

finn-displayThe simplicity of the pieces allows the experimentation of patterns and colours when it comes to cushions, rugs or decor. The juxtaposition with the wood will add your own unique personality to your home.


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