Flexible Storage: Decluttering Your Home


Here at P&P, we are serving up some autumn furniture essentials to ensure your home is ready for the colder months ahead.

Hold your horses

It is essential to start small when it comes to successful de-cluttering, as otherwise, the whole task might feel overwhelming. Put the kettle on and choose an easy drawer or cupboard to dedicate a few hours to. Don’t feel like you have to tackle large areas or sentimental items until you’ve gotten into the groove of it. Once you’ve done that, block out more time over the following weeks. Most importantly, be sure to congratulate yourself at the end!

Go with the flow

Once you get into the flow of de-cluttering, nothing will stop you. Our advice is to organise your organisation and categorise it. When you’ve cleared out drawers, shelves, and cupboards in your home, make certain related items are kept together that aren’t getting donated.

Now for the fun part

If you lack space, resist the urge to acquire any furniture before you’ve completed your decluttering mission. Many people fail to realise how much space can be freed up with a simple sort out, and purchase items that are far too big for their homes. Following the decluttering and organising of the room, measure accurately and purchase items accordingly.



Bedroom Storage: Ottoman Beds

Ottoman beds are a great solution for those who don’t want to trade space for comfort. Our styles, Ted, Steve, Suzie and Hopper, are smart by design and give you two functions for the price of one.


Bedroom Storage: A wardrobe staple!

Traditional wardrobes are the best way to gain maximum storage space in the bedroom. Stylish just like their contents, we have curated a few of our top models that leave a strong impression, such as french style masterpiece Opera or the more understated Juno and Lee.


Bedroom Storage: Nice and Neat Chest of Drawers


Imagine what you could do with a new stylish set of drawers for your bedroom, living room or home office? From classic pieces like Finn, Rebecca and Joss to contemporary Inna, we have a piece for every home. There are lots of gorgeous, stand out styles in our range that you’ll adore for years to come.


Living Room Storage: Happy Hour


With a dash of pizazz, take a sip from one of our Mimosa or Margarita trolleys, or choose from our range of stunning drinks cabinets, such as our Damsay  and Harvey models. What’s your tipple?



Kitchen/Dining Room Storage: Housing for all your important wares

Store all of your everyday essentials in style with a beautiful sideboard from our selection. Choose from styles such as the regal Botticelli, clean-lined Palma Acacia, farmhouse chic Cooper, or minimalist Menorca to suit your style.