Mirror Magic

Mirrors are brilliant, but why? As well as being an excellent tool for primping hair, they are a decorator’s secret weapon. Besides functioning as statement pieces or wall art, mirrors can also improve the mood of an entire room. When selecting your perfect mirror, think about its shape and size, the room where you plan to hang it, and your overall design goals.

Top Tips

  1. It is important to remember not only where you want the mirror positioned, but also what it is going to reflect. A mirror placed next to a window can act as another window and allow more light to enter the room, effectively doubling the amount of space.
  2. Create the illusion of space. Again, the placement of mirrors contributes to the perception that the room is larger, as well as reflecting any natural or artificial light. Mirrors are effective tools to open up a small or narrow rooms, especially if space is limited.
  3. Whether your wall is damaged or discoloured, a wall mirror can help you immediately fix this issue. By hanging a statement mirror, you can tastefully hide away any imperfections.
  4. A room is typically lit by two types of light: natural light from windows and artificial light from lamps. An airy, well-lit room seems more spacious, and the brighter it is, the bigger it appears. A mirror will bounce sunlight or artificial light throughout the room to create a feeling of openness and luminosity.
  5. Additionally, you might want to dilute the amount of light entering the room. By using a dark mirror, you can diffuse the brightness caused by natural light in the room.

Think outside the box.

Have any of these caught your eye? Don’t limit yourself to squares and rectangles; experiment with other ratios between glass and frame depending if you’re going for form over function.
Maggie Circles Wall Mirror
Maggie Circles Wall Mirror
Liz Art Deco Wall Mirror

Think Statement.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who makes the best statement piece of them all? Now that we are familiar with our four walls, it’s time to add a statement splash to liven them up. Choose one statement mirror, then adapt your scheme around it.
Sonia Round Wall Mirror
Sonia Round Wall Mirror
Regal Round Mirror
Regal Round Mirror

Think taking it outdoors.

Mirrors aren’t just for inside the house. Using mirrors for gardens with north-facing orientation, basement gardens, or shady courtyards will improve their lighting.