Meet Interior Designers 2LG

‘Great interior design will change your life’, say the 2 Lovely Gays. Jordan Cluroe and Russell Whitehead founded their inimitable interior design consultancy in 2014. With a winning combination of hard work and trademark loveliness they’ve enjoyed a rapid rise to success. Perch & Parrow caught up with them to talk interior design…and how to work a stripe in your home.

We get loads of inspiration from your website, How did you both find yourselves in the design industry?

“Great to hear that we help to get you inspired! Our path into the design industry has been quite organic and grew from our mutual passion for design. We both started out in theatre, training as actors and working in London for years before we made the decision to focus our attention on interiors. Five years ago we began designing and screen printing our own textiles and home accessories and that gradually developed into full interior schemes.

Then we had the opportunity to be a part of the first series of the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge and we just felt that it was the right time to launch our interior design consultancy. We’re both really inquisitive and enjoy working with people on projects. It’s a constant learning process and we are loving every minute of it.”

Chest of Drawers with blue and white striped wall and blue sofa by 2 Lovely Gays
Credit – 2 Lovely Gays, interior shot

When it comes to working with stripes, we’ve noticed that you boys are pro’s. The bold, blue stripes you used in your Clapham Common project were very graphic – can you give us some tips for introducing stripes into our homes too?

“Stripes can add major impact to a space but they can also create a classic, elegant feel. They are so versatile. The blue stripes in the Clapham project were for a guest room/reading room so we could be bolder with them than if it had been an everyday space. If you are nervous of stripes you should try using a broader stripe in subtly different tones or in matt and gloss but using the same tone. This is a great way to introduce a classic stripe and will add a subtle layer in your space.”

Are there any no-no’s for decorating with stripes?

“If you love it then go for it. Throw the rules out of the window and experiment. Just remember that sometimes less is more and a little bit of stripe can go a long way. If it’s a calm, classic look that you want then use broad even horizontals in tonal colours. If you want something bolder then keep the stripes thinner and go for contrasting colours. Treat them as a feature perhaps on two walls. Sometimes just one simple line painted around a room can be all that you need. If you want to mix different stripes together, or wrap them all over then think about using them in a transient space like a hallway or downstairs WC so that you don’t tire of them. Have fun!”

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Interview Images courtesy of The Two Lovely Gays and Megan Taylor.

Pink room lifestyle shot of black sofa and fireplace with rose tinted gold lamp by 2 Lovely Gays
Credit – 2 Lovely Gays, interior Shot