Meet Mairead Curtin of Florist Rebel Rebel

In our quest for the ultimate autumn blooms, we decided to ask an expert for some advice. Mairead Curtin, co-founder of cult florist Rebel Rebel, takes some time out from the tulips to talk to us.

How did Rebel Rebel begin? 

“My business partner Athena and I were friends, working together in the television industry. I left to look after my two small children and Athena was seeking a career change. One day while Athena was having coffee at my house, we found ourselves gazing at a beautiful bunch of flowers that my partner had bought me for my birthday – and we thought ‘we could do that’. With blind confidence we just went for it…and here we are!”

Autumnal bunch of flowers with red and burgundy by florist Rebel Rebel
Autumnal bunch of flowers with red and burgundy by florist Rebel Rebel

How would you describe Rebel Rebel’s signature style?  

Our style is very loose and wild, we use lots of seasonal foliage alongside bright colours and we have a tendency to magpie 24/7, picking things up and working them into our designs. We go to the flower market almost every day, so we are constantly on the look out for the latest, the freshest and the most gorgeous flowers that we can source.”

What flowers and foliage would you recommend for this time of year? 

“Autumn is great for bold, rich colours. Flowers like dahlias are fabulous for creating a real splash in a bouquet as their colours are so vibrant. Hydrangeas last really well, plus you can then dry them and store until December – then you can spray them gold and put them into your Christmas floral arrangement. Do seek out some autumnal tree foliage for an extra splash of colour – beech is gorgeous – or if you have access to an acer or a maple then get creative and add a few small branches into your bouquet or arrangement.”

What’s your top tip when creating an autumnal floral arrangement?

“Autumn foliage is gorgeous but it needs lots of water. Remember to cut up the stem -as well as across – to enhance the plant’s means of hydration.”

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Blue vase floral arrangement by florist Rebel Rebel
Blue vase floral arrangement by florist Rebel Rebel

Image credit: Rebel Rebel