Meet Interior Designer Natasha of NB Interiors

This week we spoke with the lovely Natasha from NB Interiors. Through her love of textiles, colour and vintage furniture, she creates unique, exceptional designs for residential and commercial clients in Suffolk. Having over fifteen years of experience in her field, Natasha discusses her process and the proudest moment she has experienced as a designer as well as her top 5 design tips.


Firstly, we’d love to know more about your background, how you got into interior design and what your favourite part of the job is?

I moved into interiors about 5 years ago when I left my job in fashion to start a family. For 15 years I worked for well known high street and designer fashion brands in visual merchandising. I worked up to Creative Manager and designed window schemes, produced graphic campaigns and visual communication for store layouts to the whole company, set up press events and catwalk shows. I loved working in a design capacity and with colour and I found interior design a natural sidestep from fashion. I channelled my knowledge and experience into interiors alongside completing a diploma in interior design then took the plunge and set up my own business.
My favourite part of the job is definitely seeing a client’s face once the design is completed and for them to be over the moon with the final result. All that hard work pays off and you have transformed a room into something that surpasses the client’s expectations.

What is the best way to describe your interior style?

Colourful, eclectic, modern and contemporary. I love putting together colour palettes, from the muted neutrals to bold and loud but in a way that is reflective of the client and the style of the property. I’m drawn to very modern and contemporary shapes and designs. But I also love a good vintage piece or two! I guess curated individual style, not to follow trends to the letter.

Jemma Watts Photography
Jemma Watts Photography

When working on a project, what are your everyday responsibilities?

To source products, lighting furniture, fabrics etc. To put together mood boards, research design ideas, gather costs, speak to trades. Design meetings, budget management, there’s a lot that goes into putting together a design for a client, however big or small the scope of the project, all these elements still have to be covered.

When starting the interior design process, what questions do you ask a client? How do you help clients envision the finished space?

I always start the process with a design meeting and I run through set questions with the client. I ask things such as what they do or don’t like about the space they wish to update. What their vision is, what inspires them, have they been somewhere that stands out in their mind such as a restaurant or hotel that was well decorated. I ask about their lifestyle, what makes them tick, how they live in their home, what storage they need, what style of art they like. It’s a personal thing to redecorate and design someone’s home so you have to get to know that client on a personal level.

Which are your favourite projects that you have designed using Perch and Parrow products?

Ooh, hard question, I’ve loved so many projects but perhaps I would say the house I fully furnished for my client. She felt so overwhelmed to decorate the property but was the most amazing client. She wanted lots of colour and had a great sense of style. I used some Perch & Parrow products within the whole property but in particular, the side tables in the bedroom were the perfect find for the style and overall look of the room.

Jemma Watts Photography
Jemma Watts Photography, Perch and Parrow Juno Bedside Table

How do you see interior design trends changing over the next year?

With everything in the media currently about the world and global warming and climate change, I think there will be a huge shift to more sustainable design. We have to move away from a throwaway culture and constantly replacing items. Great design doesn’t have to be about buying all brand new items. Upcycling current furniture or simple tweaks can transform homes. That alongside more conscious buying of goods that have a low carbon footprint, shopping local, or using products made of sustainable materials is surely the way forward for everyone.

What is your proudest moment?

The first time a client approached me because they liked my work and picked me to work with. It felt like an important moment in my design career that I had created a business that was going in the right direction after only a short time of being in business. That clients were now seeking me out for my design style and ethos definitely felt a proud moment, a pinch-me scenario that I am doing what I love but more importantly, clients love what I do too.

Box River Studios
Box River Studios

Your top 5 design tips?

Plan your space first. Don’t go and buy things on a whim and individually as this is where people can end up with a collection of items that just don’t work together and measure your space! Be really clear on what fits within the space and buy/use furniture in proportion to the room. You may love that oversized sofa but if it’s too big for the room it just won’t work.
Know the direction of the sun for the room you are choosing a colour for, it makes a huge difference in what paint colours to use and what will work best
Shop local and indie brands, this way you support local/small businesses but also you can curate a really individual and unique space
Follow your own style, not a trend, designing for yourself will give you more happiness and you will be less likely to want to change everything a year or so down the line.
Add some art! But make it personal to you, it can utterly transform a space. But don’t fill walls for the sake of it, pick art that sings to you or has meaning, a reference to a past journey or experience perhaps?

Box River Studios
Box River Studios

Do you have any secret talents?

Nothing overly exciting I’m afraid but I do love to sew, is that a talent?? Not really a secret but perhaps not many people know I enjoy sewing and embroidery…in my ‘spare’ time…

How do you like to spend your weekends?

I love exploring Suffolk with my two children, I have only lived here for 4 years and still finding new places to go. Also renovating our home which is a labour of love, baking, cooking, gardening and I may occasionally go for a run too!