Mesmerising Metallics

We are head over heels for majestic metallic shades at the moment! A universally popular finishing touch, metallics effortlessly encompass a sense of grandeur and glam. Reflective surfaces, glimmering shades and polished textures will enrich a space, giving it a dash of ‘je ne sais quoi’ that guests will be hard-pressed to forget. Whether you want a small lift with a scattering of accents or full-on furniture glam, discover our magical metallic additions below. We have well and truly got your dazzling interior dreams covered!


Bronze, widely associated with strength, will offer richness and definition amongst your home. Get ready to infuse your space with dazzling aura, merging nature and earthiness. From our small accent accessory ‘Piper lantern‘ to our lavish ‘Margarita drinks trolley‘, there really is a bronzed beauty for everyone. Bronze is a wonderful metallic hue to work with and ideal colour, effortlessly adding a touch of glam into a neutral colour scheme.



Every cloud has a silver lining, right? Furnish your home with this sparkling hue for extra VA VA VOOM! Supreme silver is ideal for creating a sleek, modern interior, oozing with clarity and illumination. Instantly bright up a gloomy corner by adding shimmering silver metallics or give the illusion of more space with mirrored pieces.




Go for gold, you’ll always be winning. Identified as good feng shui, simply add a warming touch of golden flair with our range of golden additions. For opulent style, pair with black to create a luxurious and on-trend colour combination. Team with soft textures, such as velvets to balance the finish of your decor, achieving a cosy atmosphere.