Plants Faux Real

Fool your guests into thinking you’re a plant whisperer with our range of life-like sculptural species, guaranteed to look the bee’s knees all year round with minimal effort!



Faux Large Cactus: £79, set of two

A sculptural, spikey succulent with around 2000 different species, the Cactus is a symbol of maternal love as it has the power to thrive in harsh conditions. Prickle your fancy with highly distinctive appeal with our set of two large Cacti, placed within a white-accent, concrete effect pot. We also have a dainty cactus set available, perfect for popping on windowsills or jazzing up display shelves.




Faux Monstera Tree: £140

The tropical Monstera tree, also known as the ‘Swiss Cheese Plant’ is a constant source of inspiration in the world of art and fashion. The Monstera is a symbol of a long life, so this lush green plant with glossy leaves will be your new good luck charm! Packed with realism, our faux Monsteras look fantastic dressed in large rooms, hallways or to spruce up a sorry looking office!




Faux Large Agave: £45

The Agave, a large rosette of fleshy green leaves is guaranteed to give your home a refresh. The plant, native to Mexico, is another member of the succulent family and its name translates as ‘illustrious’. The Blue Agave is an especially important member of its 250 species as it is required for the production of tequila. Go with the faux with our realistic Agave, sat within a dark pot for a clean, minimal look. This would be a great addition for any home setting and the perfect gift solution!



Faux Banana Palm: £100

The Banana Palm Tree is the 4th largest fruit crop in the world, producing the botanical berry, commonly known as the banana. A fun fact about these leafy, architectural plants is that they actually belong to the herb family! Go bananas and transport yourself from every day to the exotic with our Faux Banana Palm Tree with no watering required, bonus!