Hygge, you can’t not have noticed the ubiquity of the Danish approach to the winter months. Pronounced ‘Hoo-gah’, it roughly translates as ‘cosiness’…but it’s so much more than that. Central to the Danish sense of well-being, Hygge is actually more of a lifestyle choice than it is a style per se.  And, as the Danish are constantly topping polls as the happiest people in the world, it’s a lifestyle choice we want to jump on board with. Here’s how to work it:

Hygge lifstyle bedroom interior image of the Aristotle Bed in Weather Wood and Daphne Throw in Blue by Perch & Parrow
Aristotle Bed by Perch & Parrow

It’s personal

Hygge is all about being happy with what you’ve got, and completely respectful of personal style. What’s comforting and cosy to one person, is not to the next, so embrace what works for you.


Simple living is at the heart of Hygge. Whether that means having a good clear out of your clutter to help create more order in your life, or just enjoying the little things – it’s all about keeping it simple.

Gather round

Hygge is a social activity so enjoying time with friends and family is key. Historically the Vikings would look to family and friends to boost morale and even survive throughout the Winter months, so this is a tradition steeped in primal needs. Rustle up some hearty food, get the fire going and gather your favourite people.

Think about ambience

A twinkling glow is one of the key components to Hygge. It is said that Scandinavians are the biggest consumers of candles in the world, so they’re clearly on to something here. Give your home some Hygge ambience with lashings of candles and beautiful lamps. Take a look at our range here.

Embrace ‘Fika’

As some of the largest coffee consumers in the world, it’s no wonder the Danes have a word for ‘coffee and pastry’. They’re firm believers in eating wholesome, hearty food and treating yourself. You won’t find any gluten-free, sugar-free or yoyo dieters here – possibly why they’re a much happier bunch.

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Gold Portobello Lamp on Alba Media unit with ornaments
Portobello Lamp by Perch & Parrow

Image credit – Right image top by Jonas Berg.  Right image bottom by Local Milk Blog