Two of a kind

Since becoming better acquainted with our four walls, we have rediscovered our love for home comforts. For centuries, the humble sofa has been the centre of any home and played a crucial role in every aspect of daily life. Whether you want to relax with a glass of wine, watch your favourite boxset, or spend time with family and friends, the living room is the pride of any house. Statement sofas can be an important component of any beautifully designed space and can create a welcoming atmosphere. With this in mind, it might be time to replace outdated sofas with newer, more spacious ones as we welcome loved ones back into our homes. With our complimentary ranges, your living room will be transformed into a beautifully showcased and freshened up space.

Scott in Antique Ebony

When we met Scott for the first time, his luxurious feel immediately took our breath away. With a solid oak frame and upholstery in Antique Ebony leather, it is a piece to behold. In any living space, Scott creates a dream scenario, combining refinement with comfort.

Scott Armchair in Antique Ebony – Shop Now 

Scott Two-Seater Leather Sofa in Graphite – Shop Now


Citadel in Vintage Brown

Let’s not beat around the bush here – the Citadel’s simple, yet supremely sleek and sumptuous design with a simple silhouette needs no introduction. A smart choice for modern living, Citadel invites you to soothe your cares away with buttery soft leather and intelligent design.

Citadel Leather Sofa in Vintage Brown – Shop Now

Citadel Leather Armchair in Vintage Brown – Shop Now




In need of extra space? Justin could be your guy. This neatly designed, made to order range, is perfect for those looking for an aesthetic that is both stylish and tidy. This beautiful collection features upholstered sofas and coordinating armchairs and footstools; ideal for those seeking an urban aesthetic.

Justin Four-Seater Sofa – Shop Now

Justin Armchair – Shop Now


Remington in Vintage Brown

If you’ve just discovered Remington, you’re in luck, because we recently launched our Remington Leather Sofa in Vintage Brown. There can be little doubt that these two are a match made in heaven paired together, both stylish and inviting; warm and familiar.

Remington Leather Sofa in Vintage Brown – Shop Now

Remington Leather Lounge Chair in Vintage Brown – Shop Now


Simcoe Rattan

Last but not least, let’s welcome newcomer Simcoe to the scene. Designed for those searching for something different or who are as obsessed with rattan as we are, the Simcoe Rattan Sofa combines traditional, organic shapes with modern style.

Simcoe Rattan Sofa – Shop Now

Simcoe Rattan Armchair – Shop Now