Reflection Perfection: Transform your home with mirrors

Uncover the secret to enhancing your home with mirrors. Whether you’re looking to add depth to a room, make a statement or are in need of a simple functional piece, we have it all.

Featuring some great inspiration from your homes, take a look and explore how you have styled our mirrors reflecting your unique tastes in different rooms in the house.

Living Room:

If your living room has a focal point such as a fireplace or a styled sideboard, then placing a mirror above can help make this area a standout focal point in the room.



Morden Wall Mirror in Champagne



Jameson Round Wall Mirror in Black


Mirrors are essential for your daily routine, but they can also be used to enhance the ambience of the room and make smaller bathrooms seems bigger and brighter.


Jameson Round Wall Mirror in Silver


Good Lookin’ Mirror in Bronze


Placing a large mirror above the bed can create a captivating focal point or consider a full length mirror on an empty wall to provide complete reflection for outfit assessments.


Talon Crittal Window Style Arch Mirror in Black


Newport Round Mirror in Antique Gold


Good Lookin’ Standing Mirror in Bronze


Swaggle Mirror in Champagne

We have a wide selection of mirrors to choose from, including classic frames to sleek modern designs and simple stylish mirrors to statement pieces of art. You can shop the range here.

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