Elevate your Home with Faux Plants and Vases

Whether you have a green thumb or not, enjoy the beauty of greenery all year-round with our collection of faux plants that are crafted with meticulous attention to detail to ensure they look like real plants.

Here are our top tips to style our faux plants with our unique vases to create the ultimate stylish display.

1) Placement

The placement of your faux plant and vase impacts the overall ambience of the room so see what areas in your room are in need of embellishing, whether that’s utilising an empty corner, enhancing a bookshelf or used as a statement centrepiece.

2 ) Choosing the right faux plant for you

We have an array of faux plants to choose from, to suit different interior styles and seasons, from flowers, stems, greenery, dried plants and feathers. If you’re looking to fill an empty corner or if you have tall ceilings, a tall faux tree and a planter can transform a room by creating a focal point. Have a browse at our wide range of faux plants here.


3) Choosing a vase

When it comes to choosing a vase, it is essential that the vase compliments the style and colour palette of your room. For an ultra-modern interior style, a metallic, glass or simplistic style vase with monochromatic colours will compliment the clean lines and sleek materials of modern interior. For a rustic, farmhouse style interior, muted colours or a jug style would suit the aesthetic. For an industrial style, a dark and distressed metal type of vase would compliment your home. The vase should emphasise the detail of the faux plant creating a harmonious visual balance. Have a browse at our wide range of vases here. 


4) Creating an arrangement

To create an arrangement with stems, you’ll want to have a central point of interest that captures the majority of attention. This can be a focal flower or stem, then you’ll want to choose other stems that complement the focal piece with similar hues and tones.

To add dimension and visual intrigue, play around with different colours, heights and mix and match different textures but try and stick to all warm or all cool tones to maintain consistency.


Styled by you

Here are some great inspiration pictures for styling faux plants and vases from you…


img_1066-1Cedar vase, 2x Lanzini Faux Green Eucalyptus Leaves, set of three


image00007Newport Vase, 1x Set of Winterberrys, 1x Ornithoglum Stem, 2x Set of White Cherry Blossom Stems



Miguel Floorstanding Vase, x3 Lanzini Faux Magnolia Eleven Head Spray in White


img_1247-1Tala Vase, x3 Pink and White Magnolia Stems



Small Cassia Bronze Planter, Faux Potted Fern Bracken

We’d love to see how you style our vases and faux plants so don’t forget to tag us @perchandparrow on Instagram or use the hashtag #perchandparrow