How to decorate your bedroom 

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It should calm your senses and help you to relax. However designing a new scheme can be daunting, especially if, like us, you have eclectic tastes. This is what we’re here for – take a look at our easy guide to creating your ultimate sleep retreat.

Light blue wooden Hattie chest of drawers and matching bedside table in blue bedroom interior shot by Perch & Parrow
Hattie Chest of Drawers by Perch & Parrow

Find your theme

We’ve all been there. You spy a bedside table you like and dive in without having found the right bed, decided on a colour scheme or considered where the rest of your furniture is going to go. Slow down, log on to Pinterest and create a mood board. This will help you to visualise your theme and establish how all of your individual choices, from wallpaper to lamps, are going to hang together harmoniously.

Consider colour

Calming pastels and easy neutrals have long been fail-safes for the bedroom, helping to instill a relaxed vibe. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t go deeper. There are many dark, rich tones that exude a calming quality. Try greys, blues or greens for good colour karma.  Steer clear of reds and purples as they’re a tad too stimulating.

Ban technology

While we’re on the subject of stimulation, can we be bossy and suggest that you make the bedroom a tech-free zone. We’re not just talking about televisions (falling asleep to the late night movie is never going to give you sweet dreams) but your digital devices should be banned too. The blue light of their screens sets off reactors in your brain that stimulate it to stay awake.

A place to perch

A simple thing but a chair in your bedroom is a real bonus. It creates a cosier atmosphere, is pretty handy for when putting on your shoes and can be used as somewhere to style up tomorrow’s outfit.

Lighten up

When it comes to lighting you need the best of both worlds. Choose a big, bright pendant that’ll make getting ready in the morning so much easier (add a dimmer, if you want to use it at other times of day) – but complement it with a scattering of lamps for evening ambience. Book-lovers remember to choose a good bedside model to illuminate your late night page turning.

Invest in the best

You spend a third of your life in bed, so make sure you invest in that above all else in your bedroom. You can find a range of beautiful beds here.

Listen to your mum

Perch & Parrow founder Astrid shared this advice her mother once gave her:

“When I was younger, I decided to position my bed underneath the window in my bedroom. But my mother sagely pointed out that if I did that, I would never enjoy the view outside of the window.”

Mothers are always right.

Small bedroom solutions

If you’re lacking in space, we’ve got a few tips to help you make the most of it:

  • Use a chest as a bedside table to increase your storage
  • Hang bookshelves on the wall to free up your floor
  • Select a light colour scheme to enhance the illusion of space
  • Roll out a patterned rug to pack a punch without overwhelming the room

Inspired? Create your new bedroom style here.

Light wood Tate wardrobe for a bedroom interior by Perch & Parrow
Tate Wardrobe by Perch & Parrow
Valeria weather wood chest of drawers with Beatrice weathered wood bedside table in bedroom interior by Perch & Parrow Light blue Molly wardrobe with striped fabric Houdini bed in a box bedroom interior image by Perch & Parrow
Left – Valeria Chest of Drawers by Perch & Parrow. Right – Molly Wardrobe by Perch & Parrow