Jewel Tones – They’re A Real Gem

Our new season collection is filled with gorgeous jewel tones in soft velvets. They work wonders when teamed with metallic accents for a really luxurious feel.

jewel-1When taking the plunge with jewel tones, don’t be afraid to go big! We’re talking lots of peacock blues, vibrant oranges and rich reds. You don’t need to worry about the colours clashing, as long as you do it with confidence. Embrace blue and yellow, orange and red or any other combo you rather fancy trying.

jewel-2If you don’t feel ready to jump in with both feet just yet then one statement piece that you’ve really fallen in love with will become the hero in the room.

jewel-3You may prefer more of a subtle nod to the jewel tones trend, in this case a gorgeous tasseled cushion or a velvet textured lamp is a stylish first foray into this look whilst also being quite adaptable.