New Ways with Pink

This autumn we’re looking at your home through rose-tinted spectacles. Pink is permeating interior everywhere, defying all its girly connotations to become the colour du jour for a sophisticated homes. Pair it with grey and black to be where it’s at. Here’s how:

Go large

Using large surface areas to show off this gorgeous hue will give your pink scheme a confident feel. A feature wall in Little Greene’s Chemise Paint would be a good start – better yet, our Peter Sofa in Peony Pink. Our sexy take on the chesterfield-style sofa carries off the colour with aplomb.

Pink fabric Peter sofa by Perch and Parrow front shot
Peter 3 seater sofa by Perch & Parrow

Watch your tone

To avoid it all looking too Chez Barbie, be mindful of the pink tones you choose – sometimes subtle is best. The muted shade of our Donatella chair will bring an understated feminine feel to your table – great for softening more raw, industrial urban spaces.

Just add black

Adding a dash of black to your pink scheme will give it a grown up edge. Think fine lines, rather than over-bearing blocks. Our Frida armchair makes a striking accent chair and looks great draped with a cotton Daphne throw.  Or try a classy wall light like our Pablo to create sculptural interest.

Easy does it

Not ready to plunge into pink? Then try just a pinch with our Arnold footstool in Piglet’s nose . Or get two trends for the price of one with our Rochelle side table – a dream team of pink with metallic accents.

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Frida Armchair by Perch & Parrow
Frida Armchair by Perch & Parrow

Image credit – Bottom right source: Sketch venue